The Recruitment Market and a Happy New Year 2018

After a busy December we have seen a strong start to recruitment in 2018. Both clients and candidates have taken the view that despite uncertainty companies need good people. In an old expression “the early bird catches the worm”!!! This will apply to companies and candidates.

Companies – recruit early, your company needs to put as much focus into recruiting as you would do in developing your sales and marketing plans. The right person may take a long time to find. Recruitment can be tough but with a professional recruitment partner you can get the perfect candidate.

Candidates – change jobs early in 2018 and early in your career. Many candidates who expect their current companies to manage their careers end up missing out in the long term because career progress is seen as slow. If your company is always promising promotion but never delivers consider moving. Also build a relationship with some recruitment partners. The professional ones will give advice and guidance. Make sure they listen to what you want if they do not use another recruiter.

The market will be buoyant early in the year but without the recruitment crystal ball we cannot predict what will happen later in the year!!

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Tue, February 20, 2018