Recruitment Update February18

The recruitment market continues to be buoyant across Sales, and Marketing, particularly Customer Activation. However many companies are slow to progress to the interview stage. This can be frustrating! For us the recruiter and more importantly for you as candidates. However recruitment can be slow as many Line managers have a “Day Job” and recruitment can slip due to commercial needs.  Always remember that if the job is right sometimes patience can lead to success.  It can be a mistake to believe that the company who moves fastest always wants you more. They may just be desperate!  Take time to weigh up your options! Also if as many candidates do you have two or three options you are better being open and honest Saying I will wait to finish all my interviews is more professional than accepting a role signing contracts then withdrawing a few days later. Many candidates realise to late that in an industry where people do move you can close doors for the future.

Try to work with recruiters who want to build a long term relationship with you. This may mean they may not place you in your first management role but place you later in your career as a Senior manager. They are also more inclined to give good advice and not just see you as a quick fee generator!

Tue, February 20, 2018