Community Action March 2020

Community Action March 2020

Our colleagues Nicky Stapleton and Harry James spent Tuesday 10th of March with students from Reading College giving guidance on how to get their first permanent job, Including advice on CV writing, interviewing and a section on the pitfalls of social media. There are some general tips that can be summarised below.

CV’s  needs to highlight and emphasise your skills, strengths and overall fit. In short, it needs to do a good selling job to get you to the interview stage.

Interview Business dress is essential, even if there’s a dress down policy and they all walk around in t-shirts and jeans. You don’t work there…yet!

Don’t be late!

We know sometimes things happen that are out of your control, but check the address, the car journey time, any roadworks, if there’s car parking, train times, tube station location. All those little logistical things that otherwise could have you arriving late, hot, bothered and not in the right frame of mind to give your best.

There’s no two interview styles the same, we know. But there are some common types of questions that we know Candidates come across including:

Talk me through a brief overview of your career to date, motivations, and reasons for leaving previous roles

.Social Media - your potential employer will look at your social media, so look at your settings and take the Grandparents test. If they would be offended, it is likely that potential employers will be as well.

 Well done to you both, all at Veritas Partners.








Wed, March 11, 2020