Blog: Social Media is like a Pub

Posted on by Ceara.Sweeney

Have you ever come across the thought that social media sites are like pubs?

A business will use social media as a platform to interact with others, stay up to date with trends and also to promote the brand or service.

Not all employees within a business will use social media as well as they could do. Every employee should have a voice within the business and social media is most certainly a great place to have one.

All employees should interact with their colleagues by sharing, liking or commenting on each other’s posts. This will then increase the volume of people who will then see it and will enable more people to get an insight of what the brand and also the people are about.

People interested in working for the business will want to see what life behind the scenes as an employee is like, the relationships they have and also the benefits and incentives of working there.

Similarly, potential customers will want to see useful information about the sectors they are in as this will maintain them in your network and show your professionalism. This can then result in more business for the company in the long term.

If you are not doing this, people will not be following you as a company online and perhaps look at other similar organisations who can reach out to them effectively through social media.

So this is where the pub metaphor comes in..

If you go in occasionally and sit on your own you gain little information about others and what is going on around you. You will not have the opportunity to have your own voice so no one will know who you are!

If you go in weekly or more frequent, engage with others and have your own voice, you become a familiar face. A local regular if you like. People will remember you!

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