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Microsoft programmes now have the option to save files as a PDF and will also give you the ability to use a number of different templates. A high number of CV’s are now being submitted to us in various formats.

  1. PDF files do not often import into recruitment software. Many Recruitment companies will use systems to store and extract data from CV’s onto a database. Most of the software will easily translate Microsoft Word files however PDF files become unfamiliar.
  2. Not all PCs and Laptops have the appropriate software to open/save PDFs. If the person receiving your CV does not have the same software as you have saved it in, they will not be able to open it. If this is the case then your CV may not be looked at straight away.
  3. Avoid using templates, tables or other column formatting.  Using text boxes and other layout options will also cause a problem when we are storing CV’s onto our database system.


Help us out and send your CV in word format please!

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