Social Media is like a Pub

Posted on by Ceara.Sweeney

Have you ever come across the thought that social media sites are like pubs?

A business will use social media as a platform to interact with others, stay up to date with trends and also to promote the brand or service.

Not all employees within a business will use social media as well as they could do. Every employee should have a voice within the business and social media is most certainly a great place to have one.

All employees should interact with their colleagues by sharing, liking or commenting on each other’s posts. This will then increase the volume of people who will then see it and will enable more people to get an insight of what the brand and also the people are about.

People interested in working for the business will want to see what life behind the scenes as an employee is like, the relationships they have and also the benefits and incentives of working there.

Similarly, potential customers will want to see useful information about the sectors they are in as this will maintain them in your network and show your professionalism. This can then result in more business for the company in the long term.

If you are not doing this, people will not be following you as a company online and perhaps look at other similar organisations who can reach out to them effectively through social media.

So this is where the pub metaphor comes in..

If you go in occasionally and sit on your own you gain little information about others and what is going on around you. You will not have the opportunity to have your own voice so no one will know who you are!

If you go in weekly or more frequent, engage with others and have your own voice, you become a familiar face. A local regular if you like. People will remember you!


Posted on by Ceara.Sweeney

Microsoft programmes now have the option to save files as a PDF and will also give you the ability to use a number of different templates. A high number of CV’s are now being submitted to us in various formats.

  1. PDF files do not often import into recruitment software. Many Recruitment companies will use systems to store and extract data from CV’s onto a database. Most of the software will easily translate Microsoft Word files however PDF files become unfamiliar.
  2. Not all PCs and Laptops have the appropriate software to open/save PDFs. If the person receiving your CV does not have the same software as you have saved it in, they will not be able to open it. If this is the case then your CV may not be looked at straight away.
  3. Avoid using templates, tables or other column formatting.  Using text boxes and other layout options will also cause a problem when we are storing CV’s onto our database system.


Help us out and send your CV in word format please!

According to the company ‘Insights‘, 2016 should be the year for being mindful.

At Veritas, we too think that it is important to find out exactly what your personality says about you. You should be aware of who you are, what you want out of your career and similarly you should be understanding of those you work with.

Through Insights we have been able to identify our strengths, what we can do to address our challenges, and how we can each maximise our impact in the workplace. From this we can now develop plans for continuous improvement for the business as a whole.

After doing this for ourselves, we believe that we can now really understand the personality and preferences of others and therefore ensure that companies recruit the ideal individuals to fit in with their ethos and way of working.


If you are looking to recruit anyone within the FMCG sector we would be more than happy to help!

New Jobs for January

Posted on by Sarita Leicester

The Market is now picking up and January has so far been a very busy month.

Here at Veritas, we are now currently working with a number of different companies recruiting for a range of exciting roles from Sales and Marketing to Manufacturing at various levels.

If you are currently in the FMCG sector or interested in any of our job roles, please do get in contact with us as we would love to hear from you!

Job Opportunities for the New Year

Posted on by Sarita Leicester

Happy New Year!

A new year for most people is the start of their ‘New Me’.

This is the time for them to set themselves New Year’s Resolutions and why not let yours be to start a brand new job.

Just think, does your current job offer you; a great salary, rewards and incentives and development opportunities?

If not, have a look at a range of Job Roles we are currently advertising and apply now to start off 2016 working in a new exciting position.

New Year! New Job?

Posted on by Sarita Leicester

Christmas is a busy time for everyone and applying for a job may not be on the top of your list of things to do.

Many employers look to recruit new members of staff at this time in order to meet their upcoming goals for the new year. Most candidates will apply for roles in January but why not beat the rush and get your application in now!

If you are looking for a new job check our Job Board and apply today.

7 secret logo


Looking for your next career opportunity?

LinkedIn is an ever-changing social networking website for professionals. Whilst it was once viewed as an online CV platform, it is now an online showcase for you to highlight your skills, achievements and background.

Your LinkedIn profile is not static. It’s a moving and changing story – a showcase – of who you are and what you have to offer your next employer. How you present yourself, what you say both on your profile and via the updates, together with the content you share, say a lot about you as a person.

As someone who views Linkedin profiles every day, I would like to share seven showcase secrets to help you improve your job prospects:

  1. A strong candidate for a professional position must present a professional image to the business world. An amateur headshot photo showing you in a work context is absolute fine, but a recent professional portrait works a lot better.


  1. Career History. Include your entire career history so your next employer can see your journey. Seek recommendations from colleagues and your seniors highlighting different skills and achievements for each position. Send a personalised recommendation request saying “It would be really helpful if you could please mention…”


  1. “Looking for next opportunity”. If you are in a position to be open about seeking your next opportunity, let it be known! Add a sentence to the end of the summary saying something specific like, “I am looking for new opportunities as an Export Sales Manager” along with your contact details.


Add these words to your headline at the top of your profile. Be clear in explaining how you make other people’s organisations better. Show us what makes you unique and how you stand out from the crowd. Say something different like “Export Sales Manager – Seeking opportunities to develop customer/distributor business plans across Europe – Fluent in German”.


  1. Work on your summary. Make it punchy, interesting and inviting to read. Use the gallery to add links to SlideShare presentations, exciting blog posts and YouTube videos. Upload documents, flyers and other samples of your work. Highlight your awards and achievements.


  1. Love ‘em or hate them, they are key to LinkedIn success. These are LinkedIn’s keywords. Having a full set of relevant skills on display, complete with endorsements from your connections, will help your profile to be found by a recruiter. Your skills can be prioritised which means they convey very quickly how you wish to be known.


  1. Include Volunteer Experience. Even if this does not seem relevant to your line of work, it may just strike a chord with a potential employer. If you support the local half marathon in aid of local charities, the hiring manager might also happen to be a member of a running club.



  1. Contact details. Please make it easy for recruiters and potential employers to contact you. You may already have your personal email address and mobile number within the contact information, but these are only visible to your first tier connections. Consider adding your email address to the bottom of your summary which is visible to people outside your immediate connections.


As I said at the top of this post, LinkedIn is constantly changing. In order to make your profile work for you, think of it as your online showcase. A robust and up-to-date LinkedIn profile, incorporating these seven showcase secrets, is an important step towards your next career opportunity.


As recruitment professionals we work with some of the most successful UK and international businesses within the FMCG, consumer and B2B sectors. If you are looking for a new position within the FMCG, consumer and B2B sectors, please feel free to get in touch.

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