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Upper hand

Recruitment: Who has the upper hand?


When it comes to recruitment, the power of the recruitment relationship shifts between employer and candidate.

As an employer, it’s important to know who has the upper hand and – if it’s in the candidate’s favour – what you can do to maximise your own opportunity.

So, who has the upper hand right now?

The balance of recruitment power is in favour of the candidates.

If you are looking to recruit qualified, capable people in a candidate-led market, you need to attract the best candidates quickly – or risk losing them to the competition.

In order to compete in a candidate-driven market, there are several things you can do to help your organisation’s position. Changes and improvements can be made to such things as recruitment strategy, interview skills and job descriptions. All of these are essential to the process, but I would like to talk about things you can do to help level the playing field.

Speed is of the essence

The trick is to take potential delays right out of the process. Candidates will be attending other interviews and the cream of the crop will receive alternative offers. Some candidates are only on the market for a single day!

Here are three tips you can use right now to streamline your recruitment process, so you don’t miss out on qualified and capable people:

  1. When you advertise a vacancy or instruct a recruitment consultant to seek a candidate for a particular post, set up the interview slots for first and second interviews in your diary at the same time
  2. At the interview, enthuse about the role. Let’s get the candidates excited about the position! Tell them about the position’s potential for growth and let them know about your company’s culture
  3. After the first interview and/or second interviews, make the hiring decision as soon as possible once they are finished

These three tips retain the confidence of the best candidates, but they also have the double impact of improving the perception of your organisation in the candidate’s mind.

When candidates have the upper hand, it’s essential to make the recruitment process as smooth, succinct and timely as possible.


At Veritas Partners, we understand the ever-evolving recruitment market. We work with some of the most successful UK and international businesses within the FMCG, consumer and B2B sectors. If you are looking to recruit within the FMCG, consumer and B2B sectors, please feel free to get in touch.

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