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Posted on by Mike Gorman

One of the key things of good recruiting, I believe, is to always respond to every CV you receive. There’s definitely a touch of “today’s candidate is tomorrow’s client” but its also just good manners. That’s just something that was drilled into me in previous roles, by well trained, professional managers (and probably my mum as well!!).

With high response to adverts due to the advent of email, that task of responding to every CV has become a significant challenge to recruiters of every discipline. Lots of others have taken the approach of putting deadlines for response and if that deadline expires then the candidate has not been successful, or just not responding at all. I get that and appreciate it. Here at Veritas, we pride ourselves on still getting back to everyone, successful or not, again good manners and falls in line with the notion of how we would like to be treated ourselves. Admittedly its not a personal handwritten response – otherwise that’s all we would do – but it’s a well written, professional email so the potential candidate knows exactly the outcome, one job they can tick off the list so to speak. And we are always happy to talk further to them if they want direct feedback. In fact, we’ve noticed in the first half of this year that we actually have a 15% response to these “regret” emails, 99% positive thanking us for letting them know.

But there’s always the 1%.

As we had today. Someone decided to tell us our fortune. Now it might have been the 1,000th  rejection email they have received in their current job search and I can empathise with that. Finding a new role can be very challenging for some, and a walk in the park for others and it must be very frustrating to continually get knock backs – but we’re all in sales and we all (should) possess some tenacity and we have been told “No” before. What do we do? We dust ourselves off and get back on the horse. But to launch a foul mouthed tirade questioning our professionalism, the validity of the vacancy they had applied to and our legitimacy as a business and even our direct parentage – well I was left dumbstruck, as were the other Directors and Consultants in the business. It was foul, and totally and utterly unnecessary.

In what universe is that acceptable?

Who would even dream of sending this type of email to a client? Would a NAM send an f-word littered email to their Grocery buyer?  Would any candidate actually send this type of email direct to a client HR Manager that rejected them from a job interview? What purpose did it serve apart from venting some anger and prompting me to write this article? Are we going to recommend this person to anyone – client or other recruiter – or help them with their career search? In this day and age we could easily upload the email to name and shame if we were so inclined (we’re not, we’re nice!!). I really don’t understand the mentality when we work in such a well-connected world and let’s face it, the world of recruitment isn’t that large – I’d rather be helped and recommended than blocked from opportunities.

And to top it off, they even quoted themselves as a “sales professional of some 15 years”. Really?

So, if you want to talk to a professional recruitment business that does genuinely care about the careers of people and the clients we work with then please drop us a line.

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